Office of the President
Meeting the expectations and lifestyles of today's increasingly tech-savy learners requires moving forward beyond on-campus or online to instead embrace the intertwining of on-campus and online with courses and credentials.
- Mark Kennedy, CU President

Leaning Into the Future

“To further develop our students’ minds and advance their careers, we must meet them in ways that align with their varied learning styles and stages in life. That is a significant part of our mission.” – President Mark Kennedy

From Triage to Transformation

“The pandemic has amplified and accelerated existing and emerging digital forces disrupting every form of human activity. We addressed initial challenges in phases of triage and stabilization, but our continued success as a university hinges on our ability to collectively pivot toward transformation.” – President Mark Kennedy

Strength Through Diversity

“Life is a game of addition, not subtraction. We multiply our impact through collaboration, not by descending into division.” – President Mark Kennedy

Leading Innovation

“As the nation’s 10th most prolific public research university system and a leader in innovation, CU is well-positioned to help address the grand challenges of our age including health, space, sustainability, urban vitality and cybersecurity.” – President Mark Kennedy

Statewide Service and Engagement

“We are not the University of Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs or Denver. We are the University of Colorado and, true to our name, we are dedicated to serving the entire state.” – President Mark Kennedy

Recent News

CU Business Deans Diversity Initiative

CU Business School Deans Introduce CU Diverse Doctorates in Business

The deans of the business schools at the University of Colorado’s Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs campuses are working on an initiative to increase the diversity of business academics by encouraging more underrepresented undergraduate students at CU to consider pursuing a PhD in a business discipline.
OLC national award
CU Connections

Online Design and Development team recognized with national award

CU's Online Design and Development Team in the Office of Digital Education received national recognition as the recipient of the Online Learning Consortium's 2020 Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching Award.
Celebrating DEI
CU Connections

DEI Innovation Fund will augment campuses, system diversity efforts

Through a collaboration with the CU Foundation Board, we've created a $5 million DEI Innovation Fund to support innovative diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on each campus and at system administration.

Statements from President Kennedy


University of Colorado Statement on Sept. 22 Executive Order

The University of Colorado has questions regarding the Executive Order issued on Sept. 22 regarding “Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping” and related guidance from the Office of Management and Budget, which aim to limit certain types of diversity training. The order is directed at “federal contractors” and “grant recipients,” both of which apply to CU.

Impressive Showing for CU in U.S. News & World Report 2021 Rankings

U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 national rankings were announced Sept. 13, and CU’s four campuses boasted some outstanding educational highlights and overall rankings.

Statement of Apology

In no way should a shameful event in American history be equated with challenges facing the university.

Recent Newsletters

CU faculty attracted $1.41 billion in annual sponsored research funding and gifts last year.


October 2020

The Numbers Speak Volumes: CU’s Research is Benefiting the World

CU faculty attracted $1.41 billion in annual sponsored research funding and gifts last year.
Space exploration


September 2020

A Leader in Space

Space is increasingly important to our state, our nation and our university. CU is a vital part of an ecosystem focused on space that includes industry, government, higher education and the military.
Our Research Matters


August 2020

Our Research Matters

As the nation’s 10th most prolific public research university, CU is a well-established and respected leader in innovation, developing solutions for many of today’s major challenges in aerospace, cybersecurity, health care, sustainability, urban vitality and more. Then came COVID-19.