Office of the President
Meeting the expectations and lifestyles of today's increasingly tech-savvy learners requires moving forward beyond on-campus or online to instead embrace the intertwining of on-campus and online with courses and credentials.
- Mark Kennedy, CU President

Leaning Into the Future

“To further develop our students’ minds and advance their careers, we must meet them in ways that align with their varied learning styles and stages in life. That is a significant part of our mission.” – President Mark Kennedy

From Triage to Transformation

“The pandemic has amplified and accelerated existing and emerging digital forces disrupting every form of human activity. We addressed initial challenges in phases of triage and stabilization, but our continued success as a university hinges on our ability to collectively pivot toward transformation.” – President Mark Kennedy

Strength Through Diversity

“Life is a game of addition, not subtraction. We multiply our impact through collaboration, not by descending into division.” – President Mark Kennedy

Leading Innovation

“As the nation’s 10th most prolific public research university system and a leader in innovation, CU is well-positioned to help address the grand challenges of our age including health, space, sustainability, urban vitality and cybersecurity.” – President Mark Kennedy

Statewide Service and Engagement

“We are not the University of Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs or Denver. We are the University of Colorado and, true to our name, we are dedicated to serving the entire state.” – President Mark Kennedy

Recent News

ODE online learning image
CU Connections

Office of Digital Education making progress on campus agreements, leadership search

As reported to Faculty Council last week, an overarching service agreement between the four CU campuses and the systemwide Office of Digital Education (ODE) is expected to be completed soon. The service agreement will detail roles, responsibilities and financial details of the relationship between campus units and ODE.
Tableau data visualization platform
CU Connections

New systemwide Tableau contract saves CU $900,000 over five years

All campuses came together, with University Information Services and the Procurement Service Center managing the negotiation, to combine into one universitywide Tableau contract to save money and expand access to more users across CU. Tableau allows CU users to transform data into dashboards, reports and other business intelligence.
CU Denver SPA First Friday Virtual Event March 2021
CU Denver Today

President Kennedy, Chancellor Marks discuss the future of higher ed

The School of Public Affairs at CU Denver hosted its March First Friday event via Zoom with two notable guest speakers: Chancellor Michelle Marks and University of Colorado President Mark Kennedy talking about the future of higher education. The event included discussions about COVID-19, online education, diversity and equity, civil discourse, public education and strategic planning.

Statements from President Kennedy


Message About the Mass Shooting in Boulder

Our university is a community, not just on our campuses or in the four cities they call home, but as part of a larger whole – our state, our nation, our world. And in times like this, we must rely on our community to pull together and provide the support that will help each of us grieve and support one another.

Statement on Boulder Unrest

The violence, vandalism and acts of aggression we saw yesterday are unacceptable.

Statement Regarding Gov. Polis Prioritizing Vaccines for Student-facing Faculty and Stafftization

Returning to a more in-person experience will benefit our students, faculty and staff and reduce the social isolation so many have experienced over the past year. We applaud Gov. Polis for making this a priority.

Recent Newsletters

CU Boulder students


April 2021

International Students Enhance our Campuses and our Learning

CU’s more than 4,000 international students are vital members of the university community.
CU Anschutz


March 2021

Blazing Trails in Health Care

CU Anschutz is at the forefront of clinical care, research and training.
Feb 2021


February 2021

Moving Beyond Platitudes to Progress on DEI

We’re not just talking about advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at CU, we’re doing it.