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President Mark Kennedy and First Lady Debbie Kennedy at a panel discussion


June 2021

On an Upward Trajectory

CU is in a strong position for the future.
May 2021


May 2021

The Power of Transformational Dreams

CU’s Ludeman Family Center for Women’s Health Research exemplifies transformative philanthropy.
CU Boulder students


April 2021

International Students Enhance our Campuses and our Learning

CU’s more than 4,000 international students are vital members of the university community.
CU Anschutz


March 2021

Blazing Trails in Health Care

CU Anschutz is at the forefront of clinical care, research and training.
Feb 2021


February 2021

Moving Beyond Platitudes to Progress on DEI

We’re not just talking about advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at CU, we’re doing it.
January 2021, A message from the president


January 2021

Helping to Heal Our Nation’s Divisiveness

The appalling and deadly attack on Jan. 6, 2021, is our call to action. We all must do our parts to protect our democracy. Higher education bears a huge responsibility in this work.
Bill Coleman


December 2020

The Loss of a Visionary

Bill Coleman’s passion and commitment exemplify the power and promise of higher education.
Campus Visits


November 2020

Delivering on Our Mission amid a Global Pandemic

While there are differing opinions about the actions we’ve taken, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: COVID isn’t going away any time soon.
CU faculty attracted $1.41 billion in annual sponsored research funding and gifts last year.


October 2020

The Numbers Speak Volumes: CU’s Research is Benefiting the World

CU faculty attracted $1.41 billion in annual sponsored research funding and gifts last year.
Space exploration


September 2020

A Leader in Space

Space is increasingly important to our state, our nation and our university. CU is a vital part of an ecosystem focused on space that includes industry, government, higher education and the military.
Our Research Matters


August 2020

Our Research Matters

As the nation’s 10th most prolific public research university, CU is a well-established and respected leader in innovation, developing solutions for many of today’s major challenges in aerospace, cybersecurity, health care, sustainability, urban vitality and more. Then came COVID-19.
A message from President Kennedy


July 2020

A future-focused approach

When I assumed the CU presidency one year ago, the world – and how we lived in it – looked a lot different. Working in partnership with the Board of Regents and a talented and dedicated team of CU faculty and staff, we immediately began defining strategic priorities for the university, a process that revealed several urgent needs.
Health and safety


June 2020

From triage to transformation

It’s not enough to merely make it through these strange and uncertain times. We’ve got to meet them head on by leaning into our strengths, resources and potential. By doing so, CU will emerge as an even more vital asset for our students, state and nation.
Speeding up and slowing down


May 2020

Speeding up and slowing down

Life didn’t stop when we moved to remote teaching in mid-March in response to COVID-19, but our campuses became different places almost overnight, with the normal hustle and bustle replaced by a strange quiet.
Looking to tomorrow


April 2020

Working for today, looking to tomorrow

Our world today is different, with many once-familiar things turned upside down. Between now and when we return to normal, or a slightly altered version of normal, we are facing the difficulties and opportunities that lie ahead for our society and our university with resolution and purpose.


March 2020

CU coronavirus update

The University of Colorado is closely following developments related to the international spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority as we coordinate our planning and response.
Becoming engaged


February 2020

Opportunity for all

My wife Debbie and I were first-generation college students, meaning none of our parents had a college degree. The degrees we earned opened the world for us and fostered opportunities we still realize today.
Legislative breakfast


January 2020

New decade, old challenges

As we begin a new decade, it’s interesting to look at the one just passed. In 2010, Uber and Airbnb were only a couple of years into disrupting transportation and lodging. The iPhone was 2 years old but had already changed how we use technology. Instagram launched. Tesla’s battery-powered Model S was two years away.


November 2019

Addition, not subtraction

I have long believed that life is a game of addition, not subtraction. And when that addition involves interacting with or surrounding yourself with people with different views, different backgrounds, different experiences, all the better.
Leading edge research


October 2019

CU research: life changing and record setting

We announced earlier today that CU faculty researchers across our four campuses secured a record $1.2 billion in research funding for 2018-19, surpassing the previous record of $1.053 billion.


September 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

There’s something timeless about school starting in the fall. The academic year is underway and CU’s four campuses are beehives of activity. The beginning of the semester is not far different from how it has been for centuries at universities around the world.
Introductions at UCCS


August 2019

An eventful entrance

It has been an eventful month-plus since I began my position as president of the University of Colorado. I’ve met many people inside and outside the university, visited each of our four campuses multiple times and gotten to experience different parts of our diverse state and the Denver metro area.
Meeting at LASP


July 2019

Excited to be at CU

I’m thrilled to begin my time as president of the University of Colorado. Since my selection in early May, I have spent considerable time learning more about CU, its people, activities, impact and the four campuses. The more I learn, the more I want to know.