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April 2024


April 2024

A Meaningful Step Toward Improving Affordability

I love springtime in Colorado. One minute we’re basking in warm weather and longer days, the next we’re digging out from under a heavy blanket of snow. The anticipation, hope and uncertainty that come with spring weather echo the emotions many high school seniors experience...
President's Newsletter, Jan. 2024


January 2024

A look back as we forge ahead in 2024

Happy New Year and happy spring semester! As I consider the upcoming year at the University of Colorado, I’m filled with hope and gratitude for CU – for our faculty, students, staff, alumni, donors and many other supporters – and the incredible work happening here. The CU community achieved much in

Newsletter November 2023


November 2023

Giving Thanks for the CU Community

Giving thanks for the good people, good work and good forces in our lives is always important, but it feels essential right now, and not just because of the upcoming holiday. Gratitude is simple to convey, yet it has a powerful and positive effect.

I’m incredibly grateful for the University of

President's Newsletter, Oct. 2023


October 2023

An Exciting Time for the CU Community

What an exciting time for research and discovery at the University of Colorado! The buzz surrounding CU is resonating from coast to coast. Our premier programs are garnering well-deserved recognition, and our leadership in innovation is putting CU at the center of transformative initiatives and

President's Newsletter Sept 2023


September 2023

Celebrating the Great State of Colorado

It's no secret: I love Colorado! Our spectacular state offers so many things to celebrate every day. From our mountains to our plains, our big cities and small towns, our terrific weather, and, most importantly, the many wonderful people who enrich the Centennial State with a wide array of cultures

President Saliman speaking to a student


August 2023

Excited for a New Academic Year

I love this time of year! Tens of thousands of students are converging on our four campuses for the start of the fall semester. As they settle in and begin their classes, students will be seeking new connections and building on existing ones. These relationships are vital parts of the college

President Todd Saliman with CU Boulder's Golden Buffalo Marching Band


May 2023

A CU Education Goes Beyond Getting a Job

This is the best time of the year at the University of Colorado – commencement season – and it gets me thinking about the essence of a university like ours.

We play a critical role in preparing our graduates for their lives after college. Part of that means providing them with the skills they need

Oct. 2022


October 2022

CU Research Benefits Colorado, the Nation and the World

In addition to their amazing scholarly, teaching and creative contributions, our faculty are saving and improving lives with their research and discoveries while also addressing some of our world’s most urgent challenges.
A Holistic Look at the Value of Higher Education


September 2022

A Holistic Look at the Value of Higher Education

Cost should never be a barrier to an excellent education. At the University of Colorado, we’re working hard to break down that barrier and helping students and families reduce the cost of earning a college degree.
CU Helps Students Reduce the Cost of Earning a College Degree


August 2022

A Nice Surprise for Some Incoming Students

While most understand the value of a college education, the costs of attaining one can seem daunting. That’s why CU is helping Colorado students and families reduce the cost of earning a degree in a variety of ways.
50 Years of Title IX


July 2022

A Half-century of Opportunity

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX this summer, it’s a good time to reflect on how this groundbreaking law has shaped higher education and CU, and consider where we need to go in the next 50 years.
CU Graduates


May 2022

Leading the University of Colorado into the Future

CU plays a critical role for our state, nation and world. We educate well-rounded students who bring highly skilled talent to the workforce. Our faculty conduct research that tackles some of society’s most vexing problems. Their work also improves our state, our quality of life and sometimes it even saves lives. And we develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who deliver big ideas that drive innovation and boost the economy.
Creating a More Inclusive CU


February 2022

Creating a More Inclusive CU

Everyone has an important role in advancing our desire to be a university that represents Colorado’s diversity of people and opinions. It starts with listening to and learning from each other. Listening with openness and without assumptions. Listening with compassion. Listening with understanding that each person’s journey is different from our own. The simple art of purposeful and intentional listening – and valuing other’s perspectives - is a vital step toward change.
CU visits Southwest Colorado


November 2021

CU is Colorado’s University

Outreach to communities statewide helps us better serve Colorado.
Todd Saliman


September 2021

CU is Listening to Colorado

As we travel the state demonstrating CU’s impact, we want to hear from you.