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University of Colorado Value Index

University of Colorado Value Index

The value of higher education is multifaceted, not just about earnings. The Value Index is a qualitative and quantitative measure with five dimensions – each of which have four variables – that indicate value relative to educational attainment. Those five dimensions are: Economic Related, Health
A Holistic Look at the Value of Higher Education


September 2022

A Holistic Look at the Value of Higher Education

Cost should never be a barrier to an excellent education. At the University of Colorado, we’re working hard to break down that barrier and helping students and families reduce the cost of earning a college degree. At the same time, we know the value of a degree remains a point of contention for many people who take a bottom-line approach: Does someone’s future income justify the cost of earning their degree? While the answer is yes, we must broaden the conversation to account for the many other factors that contribute to the very real value of a degree.
DACA statement

A Message from CU Leadership on the DACA Program

The University of Colorado applauds and supports recent actions by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to strengthen the DACA program through the federal rule-making process.
CU Helps Students Reduce the Cost of Earning a College Degree


August 2022

A Nice Surprise for Some Incoming Students

While most understand the value of a college education, the costs of attaining one can seem daunting. That’s why CU is helping Colorado students and families reduce the cost of earning a degree in a variety of ways.
50 Years of Title IX


July 2022

A Half-century of Opportunity

Ceal Barry. Kelly Campbell. Emma Coburn. Kara Goucher. Yolanda Johnson. Crystal Krebs. Jamillah Lang. Yvonne Scott. Shelley Sheetz. Jenny Simpson. Lisa Van Goor. Jane Wahl.

These incredible women – and there are so many others – are celebrated members of the University of Colorado community and

CU Graduates


May 2022

Leading the University of Colorado into the Future

Onward! The University of Colorado has been part of my life for four decades. Whether I have been a student, alumnus, donor, advocate, chief financial officer or now as president, I have seen and lived the power and the promise of our great university. I am honored to serve as your 24th president

Creating a More Inclusive CU


February 2022

Creating a More Inclusive CU

February is Black History Month, an important time to reflect upon and recognize the extraordinary contributions Black Americans have made to our nation’s history and culture, as well as the university and state. It’s also an important time to consider how people of color, Indigenous people and

CU visits Southwest Colorado


November 2021

CU is Colorado’s University

Outreach to communities statewide helps us better serve Colorado.
CU Board of Regents

Compensation Increases Approved

I’m grateful to all of you for making the fall semester a tremendous success, and I’m pleased to share some exciting news. The regents supported and have approved compensation increases for eligible faculty and university staff (non-classified) at CU Boulder, CU Denver, UCCS and system administration.
Keep Edu Affordable
The Denver Post

Op-Ed: Keep college affordable by doubling Pell Grants

Among the many questions high school students face, the one that looms largest is, “What are your plans after graduation?” The high school graduate whose plans include getting a bachelor’s degree ultimately will have more opportunities to attain economic and social mobility. On average, that person will earn $1.5 million dollars more over their working life.
Todd Saliman


September 2021

CU is Listening to Colorado

As we travel the state demonstrating CU’s impact, we want to hear from you.

Board of Regents Approves Systemwide Strategic Plan

Aug. 18, 2021 I’m thrilled to share that the Board of Regents last week voted 8-0 to approve the system strategic plan, “Innovating for the Future.” This is great news for the University of Colorado, our students and the entire state. When combined with the campus strategic plans, the system plan
Vaccination Required

CU Requires Vaccine for Fall Semester 2021

Since the health and safety of our campus communities is among our top priorities, we have determined to require that all University of Colorado students, faculty and staff receive a COVID-19 vaccine before the start of fall semester 2021.
CU's first systemwide land acknowledgement statement

CU Systemwide Lands Recognition Statement

We arrived at this statement after connecting with Native American groups on all CU campuses, as well as with campus chief diversity officers, chancellors and system leadership. We will post it on university websites, as well as use it in selected publications and at events.